Our story

In 1914, as the world began to shift and change, a dapper young watchmaker by the name of Leonard McClurg packed up his belongings, said goodbye to King George, and sailed across the world. He was looking for adventure, a new life, a new story. As he strolled down a sunny street in Napier, Leonard came across a building. It had charm, it had potential, it had windows that sparkled and shone. Leonard smiled. He had an idea.

This would be his adventure, he thought. This would be his story.

With the signing of some papers and a new name across the door, McClurgs Jewellers was born.

Years later, when Leonard fell ill, his son Alan McClurg took the reins. Just for a little while, Alan thought, then he’d get back to the optometry business. But before long, he was hooked. McClurgs was the only place he wanted to be. When it was time for Alan to step back, his son David McClurg stepped up. David, while not a natural with the delicate art of jewellery making, was a natural with people. When to listen, when to guide them and how to help them get exactly what they want. Now, after David has spent more than 50 years on the shop floor, a fourth McClurg waits in the wings. David’s son Hamish has travelled the world, worked the mines, learnt all about diamonds and is ready to pick up where his father, his father’s father, and his father’s father’s father left off.

Just like that, another chapter in our story awaits.

Since 1914, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve battled two world wars and The Great Depression. We’ve been flattened by an earthquake, only to rise again – a little further down Hasting’s Street – stronger and savvier, in award winning Art Deco style. We’ve opened our doors late at night for love-struck couples and closed them for a global pandemic. We’ve had burglars in getaway cars and burglars falling through the roof. Proposals on stage and ‘I dos’ on the farm. We’ve had good times and hard times and times that were golden.

As the world has changed around us, some things have always stayed the same. Our beautiful, handcrafted jewellery. Our legendary service and loyalty, unmatched. Our brilliant jewellers and passionate staff. The importance we place on respect, on doing things properly, on tradition, on integrity and on family, always family.